A nymph’s body in repose, eyes softly closed in flowers and dew, sets the scene for Exquisite Corpse.  Unclear if she is dead or dreaming, the mystery hangs over the six songs on Roxanna Walitzki’s debut EP, veiling the gauzy French poems in captivating ambiguity.  

Using Fauré and Debussy’s melodies for voice and piano as framework, Roxanna’s imaginative electronic renditions transform and reawaken the scores with emotive, ornamental textures.  Subtle sounds sourced from nature give muted voice to the rustling chords behind the poems. Carefully manipulated synths, vocal glitches, and sweeping guitar notes (contributed by Anomie Belle, who also mastered the tracks) add orchestral dynamics to the art-songs’ delicate, timeless power, while gently flowing introductions and postludes connect the scenes.

Conceived from the outset as a collaboration between Roxanna and her sister, visual artist Redd Walitzki, Exquisite Corpse was released in digital format with a limited print edition of images, featuring Roxanna as the subject, from Redd’s macabre yet beautiful solo-show of the same name.



Model: Roxanna Walitzki, Photographer: Redd Walitzki.


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