Sure on this shining night (Single)
Release date: August 31, 2018

Roxanna Walitzki is releasing a new single, available digitally August 31st.  With layered, textured soundscapes and subtle, expressive samples her work re-imagines classical music, bringing it into the modern age.


We are living through a time of chaos. Politics are unpredictable and turbulent, our planet is visibly dying, and most of us are caught in a constant rotation of stress and anxiety. But chaos doesn’t mean that moments of beauty and serenity aren’t possible - rarity may even increase their potency. Samuel Barber’s “Sure on this Shining Night” is one such moment of ecstatic tranquility.

Published in 1940 by G. Shirmer Inc. with a poem by James Agee, the song stems from a time of similar unrest. An undeniably beautiful composition, it is a reminder that beauty helps and heals. Beauty can transport us to a better place, and provides hope when the odds are against us.

Augmented with sweeping guitar lines, synths, and sampled sounds, Roxanna Walitzki’s recording beckons the composition into our own time. Produced, performed, and paired with still and moving by Roxanna, her rendition is a testament to the strength we have within us when embracing introspective solitude.



Produced, performed, recorded by Roxanna Walitzki
Artwork & Video by Roxanna Walitzki

1. “Far Alone (Introduction)” - Music & Performance by Roxanna Walitzki
2. “Sure on this Shining Night” - Music (Voice & Piano) by Samuel Barber, Text by James Agee, Published by G. Shirmer Inc. 1940
Performed & Licensed by Roxanna Walitzki

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